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31 August 14
Post-nap apple snack in the sunshine.

Post-nap apple snack in the sunshine.

Posted: 12:34 PM

So disappointed I can’t make the march in Melbourne today. So many reasons to go; and a still-recovering sick & napping toddler with no babysitting options available mean I’m stuck here, when I really want to be in the city.

So many things to protest - the treatment of asylum seekers, the budget that hurts the disadvantaged and helps the privileged, the disregard of the environment and the complete denial of climate change, the changes to education and healthcare…

I’ll be writing a letter instead, and sending it to whenever I can think of. Politicians who I support and those I don’t, letters to the editor in newspapers, will post it here and on FB. I want my voice heard. I want the world to know this government is not acting in my name.

Posted: 12:27 PM
This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but sums it well methinks. (Re trans-parenting's post).

This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but sums it well methinks. (Re trans-parenting's post).

Posted: 12:24 PM

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30 August 14

Wish I could somehow capture it (and share it, or save it), but love these late winter / early spring days with blue blue skies and sun with just the perfect amount of warmth. Soaking it up as much as I can, because sure enough the forecast is cold and wet next week.

It has me wandering around the backyard, garden planning. Need more veg beds, one will be needed ASAP because due to poor planning, I’ll need somewhere to plant tomatoes and none of the existing beds will be free by the time they need to go in.

Posted: 1:46 AM

Oh sinuses - why can’t we just get along? I know it’s been an exhausting week with lots of germs in this household, but we had just got past 3.5 weeks of sinusitis with two full courses of different antibiotics. I even managed to fit in an appointment for ear candling* and salt therapy** this week, yet why do you make me wake up at 1am wanting to drill holes in my skull? It’s no fun. Take the pressure down - please.

(*gross and I’m skeptical, but it was nice to lie down in a quiet room

**this is a thing here now, you sit in a sealed darkened room, salt covered floors with finely ground salt pumped into the room like a fog machine. Salty and negligible improvement after one visit, bit of a fanatic thing with pressure marketing tactics though. Doubt I’ll go back after I do my buy-one-get-one-free session).

29 August 14


Posted: 4:41 PM

Peas. Late winter 2014.

28 August 14

These days turned out nothing like I had planned…

27 August 14

Always late to the party

Sriacha sauce - where have you been all my life? And a quick google shows about a zillion recipes to make it. Add it to my summer cooking plans.

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